Our Story and Mission

Sparko Sweets Story

Sparko Sweets is a handcrafted lollipop company based in Los Angeles, CA. Everything we make are freshly made to order. We specialize in creating Customized Lollipops for our customers. Each lollipop is perfected exactly as our customers desire. We are the creators of the famous and Original Galaxy Lollipops Planet Designs and the Galaxy Lollipops Series.

Our Mission

We believe candy and lollipops can be very special for the person who receives them. We are out to connect our lollipop designs to the person in the most intimate way. We have most to create the most beautiful lollipops that will be loved and cherished.

We have also established ourselves to create the best customizable 3D Lollipops. These lollipops have a 3D shiny design that can be tailored to individual customer’s needs, which makes them perfect for gifts, events, company gatherings and promotions. 

We continue to innovate confectionary designs and form. We want to infuse our customers and fans with more happiness than sugar already does!

Galaxy Lollipops - The Most Beautiful Lollipops

On a momentous camping trip at Big Sur in California, we had an amazing view of the Galaxies and Stars on top of a mountain, overlooking the ocean. It made us seem very small. It made us believe that there were so many opportunities and possibilities that we haven't explored. Most of us sit in our offices for most of our lives, and we wanted to share this experience in any way we can, to let others feel that we are free in this world - that we can do anything we dream of. We thought that Galaxy Lollipops would be the perfect form that we can convey what we felt.  

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