Top 5 Sparko Sweets Lollipops 2020

So 2021 is here, and most of us are relieved. But like we always say, we are so grateful that we have you supporting us and appreciating our products. On that note, we would like to give you the top 5 Sparko Sweets Lollipops of the year 2020.


1. Customized Lollipops. Of course, 2020 will not be complete without the Customized Lollipops. We have found a way to make your favorite lollipops customized for you and your loved ones. Using your very own images, you can make lollipops for your parties and celebrations, or even give them as a gift! These lollipops are a great surprise to someone who loves personalized stuff. How cool is it to be able to hold and taste a lollipop with your face on it?

2. Galaxy Lollipops. To start the list off, we have the all-time favorite Galaxy Lollipops! These out of this world lollipops will blow your minds! They feature beautiful Galactic designs and taste delicious. These Galaxy Lollipops are perfect as a present or just because you want to make that special someone feel loved.

3. Honey Lollipops. We are proud of these Honey Lollipops which are made with our very own good quality honey. These delicious lollipops come in different variants and flavors. A cup of tea can be made even more special with a Honey Lollipop Stirrer!

4. Twinkle Lollipops. These party twinkle lollipops are an awesome addition to your candy and dessert buffets in any celebrations and events! Their sticks are 12-inches long, which makes them easier to use and decorate with. Kids and kids at heart love these delicious treats, because they come in different shapes and colors. You can purchase mixed shaped and colored ones or just one shape and color, whichever fits your party! Some people even use them as an add-on to giveaways in parties and events! How cute!

5. Picture Lollipops. Of course, we have designed some beautiful lollipops you can choose from! Everybody loves these for themed parties and celebrations, be it mermaid parties or astronaut birthday celebrations!

You can never go wrong with any of these Sparko Sweets Lollipops, and this new year, we are working on giving you more amazing and cool stuff that you and your loved ones will surely enjoy! Have you tried any of these Sparko Sweets Lollipops? We would love to know!