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Quick Overview:

• Beautiful 3D Galaxy Spirals Lollipop Designs. The front is crystal clear, and the back is space black.
• Handcrafted in Los Angeles, fresh to order.
• Individually Wrapped and in our Space Foil Gift Package
• Gluten Free, Tree Nut Free

Our flavors include: Peach, Watermelon, Cotton Candy, Guava, Blackberry, Wintermelon, Natural Strawberry, Guava and Green Apple. We believe space tastes like these delicious fruity flavors!


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Inspired by the vast Galaxies in the sky, we wanted to imbue the nature of infinity into our artistic creations of candy. The Galaxy Lollipops Spiral Designs are a beautiful addition to our Galaxy Planet Lollipops series.

Here's the newest addition to our Galaxy Collection: The Spiral Galaxy 3D Lollipops! Clear and beautiful images that will certainly amaze you! We use only the finest ingredients, and they come in all natural flavors! We work hard in giving you only the best of the best, and we know you will love these Universe Lollipops! Lovers of the galaxy will surely enjoy the amazing designs and awesome shapes! They come in an exquisite and modern designer gift pack perfect for anyone special! Order yours today!

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