Sugar Free Orange Star Fireworks Lollipops (24 Pieces)

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  • €30,95

Why You'll Love These:

  • Vibrant Sugar-Free Treat: Savor the delightful Peach flavor in each sugar-free Orange Star lollipop. Perfect for those who love sweet treats but prefer to avoid sugar, allowing for guilt-free enjoyment.
  • Decorative & Versatile: Their stunning star shape and vibrant orange color make these lollipops ideal for creating festive candy bouquets, charming centerpieces, and adding a pop of color to any celebration.
  • Handcrafted with Care: Made fresh to order in Los Angeles, CA, each lollipop is a product of artisan craftsmanship, ensuring high quality and uniqueness in every piece.

• Lollipop Weight: 15g
• Lollipop Diameter: 1.94 inches
• Lollipop Height with Stem: 5.88 inches

Experience the charm and taste of our Sparko Sweets Orange Star Lollipops. These sugar-free confections are infused with a juicy Peach flavor, offering a burst of sweetness without the sugar. Designed to dazzle at any event, from Valentine's Day to Christmas, these lollipops serve as perfect gifts, party favors, or decorative highlights.

Each lollipop weighs 15g, measures 2 inches in diameter and has a total length of 5 inches, including the stick. They are individually wrapped and air-sealed to maintain freshness, ensuring they arrive in perfect condition.

As part of our commitment to inclusivity, these lollipops are free from tree nuts, gluten, and dairy, catering to a variety of dietary preferences and needs. We also offer bulk pricing for those who wish to spread the joy at large gatherings or events.

Brighten your next occasion with Sparko Sweets Orange Star Lollipops and share the stellar combination of artistry and flavor with friends and family. Whether you're decorating, celebrating, or simply indulging, these lollipops are sure to make a delightful impact.

Isomalt, Natural and Artificial Flavors and Colors