Where Did Lollipops Get Their Name? Exploring the Etymology of a Sweet Treat

The name "lollipop" is as catchy and fun as the candy itself, but where does this whimsical term originate? At Sparko Sweets, we not only craft delightful lollipops but also cherish the stories behind them. Let's delve into the etymology of the lollipop and uncover the origins of its iconic name.

Theories Behind the Name

The origin of the word "lollipop" is somewhat murky, with several theories and legends contributing to its history:

  • The Old English Origin: Some etymologists suggest that "lollipop" comes from the Old English words "lolly" (tongue) and "pop" (slap). This interpretation could refer to the candy's "slapping" against the tongue as it is licked, which captures the playful nature of enjoying this treat.
  • The Lolly Pop Horse: Another popular theory links the name to a racehorse called "Lolly Pop." George Smith, who claimed to have invented the modern version of the candy on a stick in 1908, supposedly named his product after the horse, which was a favorite in the racing scene at the time.
  • A Simple Blend of Terms: Alternatively, "lolly" has been a British term for sweet candy since the early 19th century, and "pop" could simply denote the stick's popping out from the candy. Together, these terms combine to describe a sweet on a stick perfectly.

The Commercialization of the Name

George Smith trademarked the term "lollipop" in 1931, solidifying its place in American candy culture. His decision to trademark the name highlights its commercial appeal and the role marketing has played in making the lollipop a household name. This trademark was a key moment in candy history, setting the stage for the lollipop's enduring popularity.

Lollipops at Sparko Sweets

At Sparko Sweets, we embrace the playful and whimsical nature that the name "lollipop" implies. Our lollipops are designed to be not only a treat for the taste buds but also a feast for the eyes, capturing the essence of what it means to enjoy a "lolly-pop." Each flavor and design is a nod to this rich linguistic and cultural heritage.


The name "lollipop" perfectly encapsulates the joy and whimsy of this classic treat. Whether derived from Old English, inspired by a racehorse, or simply born from the marriage of common candy terms, the name has become synonymous with delight and sweetness. At Sparko Sweets, we continue to honor this tradition by crafting lollipops that live up to the playful promise of their name, bringing joy to people of all ages.