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At Sparko Sweets, we are always innovating new products that could potentially provide increased wellbeing and happiness for our customers. 

We've been researching CBD, Cannabidiol, lollipops for 2 years now, and we've come up with a beautiful, delicious, and functional CBD lollipop that can be enjoyed safely for our customers. CBD is derived from the hemp plant and is used to improve mood and provide calmness. 

To inquire about Melopops CBD Lollipops, please feel free to email us at info@sparkosweets.com

CBD Lollipops by Sparko Sweets

CBD Lollipops Candy

The CBD Lollies will have our newest delicious flavors: Juicy Watermelon, Red Cherry, Green Apple, Blue Raspberry, White Peach, Milky, and more!

For more information on Melopops CBD Lollipops, feel free to email us:


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