Galaxy Lollipops Custom Hangtag (50 Pieces)


Customize it!

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Customize the Hangtag on Each Galaxy Lollipop. We will put your design on the tag specially tailored for your event and parties.
  • Lollipop Space Candy Design. These lollipops are a perfect gift for anyone who deserves the universe!
  • Proudly Hand-Crafted in Los Angeles, California
  • Delectable flavors: Melon, Blackberry, Guava, Green Apple, Cotton Candy, Watermelon. We source everything in the United States to use the best ingredients for our candies!
  • Individually wrapped: Comes in our signature Sparko Sweets Space Foil Package.
  • The front of the lollipop is crystal clear and the back is black, resembling space.