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Emoji Collection Lollipops (10 Piece Set)

The most loved emojis from your phone screens turned into adorable lollipops that anyone of any age will surely enjoy! Now you don't only get to use them when chatting with your loved ones, but you can also enjoy them as edible art with amazing clarity! We use only the finest ingredients, and they come in all natural flavors! The emoji lollipops come in different designs such as the wink emoji, heart eyes emoji, smirk emoji, and many more! Edible art with amazing clarity.

These "3D Lollipops" display amazing and delicately hand-drawn images of Emoji designs. Amazingly Adorable Faces of Emojis. They will be loved by any animal lover, and warm of hearts of many. They are individually wrapped. Great for collecting and trading, parties, theme events, event planners, sporting events, fundraisers, holidays and school events. Pop Size: 1.25 inch, Total Height: 4.125 inch.