Pure White Snowflakes Design Lollipops (10 Piece Set)

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SKU: P9500-Snowflakes

Quick Overview:

• Beautiful 3D Galaxy Planet Lollipop Designs. The front is crystal clear, and the back is space black.
• Handcrafted in Los Angeles, fresh to order.
• Individually Wrapped and in our Space Foil Gift Package
• Gluten Free, Tree Nut Free
Although there's not much snow in Los Angeles, CA, we still love the unique designs of snowflakes. Gift this to someone special and let them know that they are as unique as a snowflake. No two snowflakes are alike! These are snowflakes of edible art.

Edible art with amazing clarity. These "3D Lollipops" display amazing and delicately hand-drawn images of Frozen Snowflakes designs. Unique frozen snowflakes designs with shiny backgrounds. They are individually wrapped. 

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