Honey Antibacterial Properties

When we think of honey, we think of delicious and sweet golden-hued syrup that we eat in lollipops or mix in with tea. Surprisingly, honey is one of the oldest antibiotics and contains many natural antibacterial properties.

Honey contains hydrogen peroxide which counteracts germ growth. The natural concentration of honey's sugar content causes it to be a great deterrence to bacteria since sugar is nature's best preservative.

How to Use Honey as Antibiotics?

There are many ways to use Honey for its antibacterial properties.

You can apply it on the skin to a wound directly. This helps kill off bacteria as the wound heals.

You can also have a spoonful of honey ingested directly or stirred with a hot beverage, like tea. Not only does honey have antibacterial properties, but honey is also rich in antioxidants. When ingested, it could help boost your immune system.

Honey should not be given to children under the age of one year old. 

Our honey is made fresh at our local bee farm. We have a collection of honey varieties - wildflower, sage, orange blossoms - that have unique health benefits.

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