Our Story - Sparko Sweets

Starting in 2014, Sparko Sweets was founded in sunny Pomona, California, USA. Southern California is known for its bright and enjoyable weather. It feels like we are soaked with rays of happiness everyday, and we want to emanate and share that positive energy through our lollipops. 


We believe lollipops only have one purpose: to evoke a moment of bliss through visual beauty and delicious taste. We set out to do just this through meticulous craftsmanship and using the best ingredients. 

We started with the Galaxy Universe Lollipops, which is inspired by the infinite possibilities of the cosmos. These are the perfect gift item that have the appeal and allure to bring smiles. Packaged in our specially designed gift package, the Galaxy Universe Lollipops are sure to create a happy moment.

When customers started asking to create customizations for the Galaxy Lollipops, we developed a full interface to allow customers to easily create their own custom lollipops on our website. Custom lollipops allows each individual to have the exact design that they want. It's great!

Galaxy Lollipops

The Natural Pops line is for health-conscious lollipop lovers. Our Honey Pops do not contain any corn syrup and can be mixed well perfectly with tea. Our honey is sourced from a local apiary. We have specialty blends of honey with the availability provided by seasons.

Our Twinkle Pops are perfect for parties. With their 12 inch flexible recyclable lollipop stems, they are a delicious to eat and fun to have in hand.

Twinkle Pops Lollipops Sparko Sweets

Our Flavor Pops are the quintessential lollipops of our delicious flavors. Packaged well in an air-sealed bag, they come in a variety of our special flavors that we use for all of our lollipops. 

Flavor Lollipops Sparko Sweets

We are constantly developing new lollipop shapes. We have hundreds of shapes and colors. Feel free to use the Search Bar to find something that you may not have seen. 

If you have any questions or interests, please feel free to call us at (626) 788-2690 or email us at info@sparkosweets.com We look forward to speaking with you!