Our Story - Sparko Sweets

Sparko Sweets, founded in 2014 in sunny Pomona, California, seeks to share the joy of Southern California's bright and enjoyable weather through its meticulously crafted lollipops. With a belief that lollipops have only one purpose - to evoke a moment of bliss through visual beauty and delicious taste.

Sparko Sweets offers a range of flavors and designs, including the Galaxy Universe Lollipops, inspired by the infinite possibilities of the cosmos.

Galaxy Lollipops by Sparko Sweets

The company's Natural Pops line offers health-conscious lollipop lovers the option of corn syrup-free Honey Pops, sourced from a local apiary and blended with seasonal varieties.

Their Twinkle Pops, with their 12-inch flexible recyclable lollipop stems, are perfect for parties.

With hundreds of shapes and colors and a full interface for customization, Sparko Sweets invites individuals to create their own perfect lollipop moment.

Feel free to reach out for custom candy projects!

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