Lady Gaga Chromatica Ball Sour Candy Lollipop Project

Sparko Sweets had the honor of working with Lady Gaga on her new tour, Chromatica Ball, with her new hit song, Sour Candy, which features BlackPink. The deadline was very tight but we're happy to pulled it off and deliver the lollipops for Lady Gaga and BlackPink VIP fans.

We first had to create the perfect formulation to balance the right amount of sourness and sweetness to deliver an awesome flavor.

lady gaga chromatica ball sour peach lollipops by sparko sweets

Next, we had to make custom lollipop wrappers that printed Lady Gaga's album artwork. The wrappers were vibrant and clear, delivering a visual appeal.

The finished product is both visually appealing and delicious with its unique 2-layer flavor. We hope that Lady Gaga and BlackPink VIP fans are delighted with the lollipops. 

lady gaga chromatica ball tour sour peach lollipops by sparko sweets

Check out the addicting new song by Lady Gaga and BlackPink, Sour Candy:

Please see Lady Gaga's website: 

Thank you