Starry Purple Star Fireworks Lollipops (24 Pieces)

- $-32.99
  • $32.99
  • Starry purple star lollipops are great for birthday party favors, candy buffets, lollipop centerpieces, candy gifts, and more! The star lollies will bring a sprinkle to birthday party and princess celebrations!
  • Beautiful Gold Star Glitters make the star shaped lollies shine!
  • Each star lollipop is proudly handcrafted in Los Angeles, California, USA!
  • These star suckers are infused with yummy grape flavor! We source everything in the United States to use the best ingredients for our candies!
  • Individually wrapped with clear eco-friendly cellophane that's derived from plants.
  • Gluten Free, Peanut Free, Tree Nut Free, Vegan, Dairy Free

Touch the stars and hold them in your hands (and taste their deliciousness) with the Sparko Sweets Star Lollipops. These star shaped lollipops are perfect for any of your upcoming occasions, events and celebrations. These are star shaped gourmet lollipops that are made with awesome ingredients because we know that you deserve only the best. Now you can share star shaped lollies with the people you love. These Star series lollipops are available in different colors. Part of these beautiful star series lollipops are the blue star lollipops. Send us a message if you are interested in getting these star shaped suckers in bulk or if you have questions or other requests. Get your Star Shaped suckers today and keep on reaching for the stars.