Honey Sesame Lollipops

- ¥-244.00
  • ¥244.00

Why You'll Love These:

  • Pure and Natural: Each honey lollipop is crafted from 100% pure honey with no corn syrup, artificial colors & flavors, or preservatives.
  • Enhanced with Organic Sesame: Infused with organic sesame seeds, rich in essential minerals like copper, manganese, and calcium, adding a nutritious twist to every lick.
  • Eco-Friendly and Versatile: Made with sustainable bamboo sticks, these honey dipper lollipops double as delightful stirrers for enhancing your favorite hot beverages.

• Lollipop diameter: 1.7 inches
• Lollipop length with stick: 5.5 inches
• Lollipop weight: 21 grams

• Freshness Guaranteed: We handcraft our lollipops after your order is placed, ensuring they arrive fresh and delicious.
• Versatile Delight: Perfect as a natural sweetener for your tea or as a standalone treat, these lollipops are crafted to enhance your sensory experience with their natural golden hue and rich flavor.

Non-GMO Cane Sugar, Pure Honey (sourced from a local bee farm), Organic Sesame