Sugar Free Green Star Fireworks Lollipops (24 Pieces)

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  • €30,95

Why You'll Love These:

  • Sugar-Free Satisfaction: Indulge in the delightful tang of Green Apple without any sugar or corn syrup. These lollipops are a perfect guilt-free treat, allowing everyone to enjoy the sweetness responsibly.
  • Celebrate in Style: Ideal for decorating and gifting at Valentine's Day, Christmas, or any special occasion, these vibrant green star-shaped lollipops make stunning candy bouquets and centerpieces.
  • Artisan Quality: Each lollipop is meticulously handcrafted in Los Angeles, CA, from the finest ingredients and made fresh to order, ensuring premium quality and taste.

• Lollipop Weight: 15g
• Lollipop Diameter: 1.94 inches
• Lollipop Height with Stem: 5.88 inches

Sparko Sweets Green Star Lollipops offer a burst of juicy Green Apple flavor in a captivating, star-shaped form. These sugar-free lollipops are not just a treat but a healthier choice for enjoying the sweeter things in life without compromise. The bright green hue and unique shape make these lollipops an eye-catching addition to any celebration.

Each lollipop is weighs 15g. It measures 2 inches in diameter and 5 inches in total length, including the stick, and comes individually wrapped and air-sealed to guarantee freshness upon delivery.

Designed to be inclusive, our lollipops are free from tree nuts, gluten, and dairy, addressing various dietary needs. If you're planning a larger celebration or event, consider our bulk pricing options to ensure every guest gets a taste of the stars.

Dive into the delightful experience of our Green Star Lollipops at your next gathering and share a health-conscious treat that doesn’t skimp on flavor or fun.

Isomalt, Natural and Artificial Flavors and Colors