Lady Gaga Chromatica Ball Sour Candy Peach Lollipops

We custom made Lady Gaga's Chromatica Ball Sour Candy Lollipops in Sour Peach flavor with custom wrapping. The lollipops were to be distributed in 18 locations for VIP guests. The sour peach flavor, a special formulation we developed in house, makes the custom suckers pair well with Lady Gaga's new song, Sour Candy.

We started with the candy formulation. Lady Gaga's team requested a sour peach lollipop. We spent a week nailing down the exact level of sourness and sweetness to deliver the perfect sensation.

lady gaga chromatica ball sour candy lollipops blackpink by Sparko Sweets

lady gaga chromatica ball sour candy peach lollipops sparko sweets

Then, we made custom wrappers with vibrant colors exactly to Lady Gaga's record design.

The final product for Lady Gaga was a big success. The lollipops were visually attractive and delicious with two layers of flavors.

lady gaga chromatica ball sour candy peach lollipops by sparko sweets

Lady Gaga Chromatica Ball Tour Sour Candy Lollipops by Sparko Sweets

We are honored to have worked with Lady Gaga on this project. We hope that Lady Gaga fans enjoy the sour candy lollipops!

Here's Lady Gaga's and BlackPink's new hit song, Sour Candy.

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