Ancient Map Designs Picture Lollipops (10 Pieces)

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  • Travel back in time with these Ancient Maps Picture Lollipop set. Navigate the ancient seas with these map lollipops (with a magnifying glass)!
  • The spherical shape creates a magnifying effect that shows each tiny detail of the maps. Beautiful and delicious!
  • Each lollipop is proudly handcrafted in Los Angeles, California, USA fresh to order!
  • Delectable Watermelon Flavor. We source everything in the United States to use the best ingredients for our candies!
  • Each lollipop is individually wrapped in eco-friendly clear cellophane.
  • Each set of 10 lollipops comes in our Sparko Sweets Gift Package.
  • Customizations are available, feel free to message us!

These Ancient Maps Lollipops show the beautiful hand-drawn maps that explorers used to navigate the vast oceans. The maps have meticulous details when you look into the lollipops clearly. The lollipop candy has a supersizing effect making the details pop out in a unique fashion.