Honey Lavender Tea Lollipops

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Why You'll Love These:

Pure Organic Ingredients: Crafted with 100% pure honey sourced from local Southern California bee farms, ensuring real, fresh organic honey in every lollipop.
All-Natural Sweetness: Made from wildflower honey, known for its natural ability to alleviate allergies and its beautifully balanced sweetness.
Crafted for Quality: Each lollipop is handcrafted without corn syrup, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, using only non-GMO pure cane sugar, freshly brewed organic lavender tea, and organic lavender petals.

• Lollipop diameter: 1.7 inches
• Lollipop length with stick: 5.5 inches
• Lollipop weight: 21 grams

Enjoy the natural health benefits of organic honey in a delicious treat. These lollipops are handcrafted fresh to order, ensuring they arrive at your door with maximum freshness and flavor. Perfect as a sweet treat on their own or as an elegant tea stirrer to sweeten your favorite cup of tea with a hint of lavender, each lollipop showcases a natural golden hue and the subtle aromas of lavender, reflecting the quality and care in their making. Ideal for those who appreciate the art of natural ingredients and a healthier alternative to conventional sweets. Experience a dash of luxury in every lick with our handcrafted honey lavender lollipops!

Non-GMO Cane Sugar, Pure Honey (sourced from a local bee farm), Organic Lavender Petals