Lovely Hearts Collection Picture Lollipops (10 Designs)

- $-24.99
  • $24.99
  • Each Valentines Day Heart Collection Picture lollipop is meticulously crafted. This Valentines collection features 8 cute heart designs, 1 lovely Valentines rose, and 1 cute Kiss lollipop. This lollipop set is a romantic, cute, and fun gift idea for him or her!
  • Each set comes with our Gift package. Customize it with stickers or your writing to make it a more personal Valentines Gift!
  • Each Valentines Day lollipop is individually wrapped with eco-friendly clear cellophane.
  • The lollipop candy is a perfect sphere with the front crystal clear and the back half is a lovely pink.
  • Delicious Watermelon Flavor that will surely bring a smile!
These heart lollipops are meticulously handcrafted in Los Angeles, CA, USA made fresh to order! The candy hearts make a romantic gift that's tasty and beautiful! Our heart shaped lollipops will surely delight and can be used as Valentines day arts and crafts. The love hearts candy can be used to make Valentines grams for someone special! Our Valentines candy hearts are a nice lovely touch to Valentines Day!