Mini Red Heart Lollipops (120 Pieces) - Valentines Lollipops

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  • These Red Heart lollipops are beautiful and yummy! With a 5-inch length, these crystal clear heart lollies make fantastic Valentine lollipops, lollipop centerpiece, party favors, and more!
  • Each Red Heart Sucker is infused with delicious Cherry flavor!
  • These lollipops are like our Twinkle Pops Lollipops, but with a regular lollipop stick length of 5 inches. Same beautiful shape and delicious taste!
  • Each lollipop is individually wrapped and air-sealed for freshness.
  • These red heart lollipops are handcrafted in Los Angeles, CA, fresh to order.
  • These Valentine Candy Hearts Lollipop Candy are a great way to spread the romantic feeling with your significant others or great friends!
  • Each lollipop candy has amazing clarity that has spark and twinkle. Sticks are 5 inches that are easily customizable to the desired length. Lollipops are 1.5 inches in diameter.
  • Gluten-Free, Tree Nut Free, Dairy Free

These heart lollipops are great a great Valentine's gift and Valentine's kids. These candies will make great party favors for Valentine's day, or even Valentine's day decor. Happy Valentines Day Candy Red Heart Lollipop Collections from Sparko Sweets. Handcrafted gourmet lollipops from Los Angeles, CA USA! These lollipops will make perfect Valentine's day ideas and Valentine's day gifts for her. We also have our Valentine's Candy Lollipops in bulk candy quantities so many can enjoy the sweets!