Red Sugar Skull Lollipops - Cherry (24 Pieces)

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Ever wondered what's beneath our skin? Here you go!
  • Our handcrafted Red Sugar Skull Lollipops are scary, fun, and yummy! These skull candy lollipops are highly detailed, and will surely give a scary and fun surprise!
  • These sugar skull suckers are perfect for gifts, party favors, Halloween Lollipops, La Catrina festival, and more!
  • The skull suckers are 2 inches tall and 5 inches tall with the lollipop stick.
  • Our sugar skull lollipops are proudly handcrafted in Los Angeles, California fresh to order!
  • We source everything in the United States to use the best ingredients for our candies!
  • Each lollipop is individually wrapped with eco-friendly clear cellophane.

These sugar skulls are excellent Halloween and La Catrina party favors. 


La Catrina Day of the Dead is a festive Mexican holiday with beautiful artworks. Our lollipops capture the beauty and festivity of the holiday. These are excellent Catrina skull candy!

Non-GMO Cane Sugar, Corn Syrup, Natural and Artificial Flavors and Colors