Sustainability is very important to us. All of our products are either biodegradable or renewable. We don't want to leave anything in the landfill and cause damage to our beautiful Earth. 

Most of our lollipop sticks are biodegradable paper. From the Galaxy Universe Lollipops to the Natural Pops, the white paper sticks can be fully absorbed back into the Earth. The Twinkle Pops plastic sticks are fully recyclable. 

Our lollipops wrappers are made from a eco-friendly cellophane that is derived from plants, not plastic.

Our packaging peanuts are biodegradable. These protect the lollipops during transit to our customers. This explains the mildly yellow tint on the peanuts.

Sparko Sweets lollipops are the perfect sustainable cake decor and table centerpieces. The lollipop can be completely consumed. The sticks are biodegradable. The wrappers are plant-derived and clear. The complete product is eco-friendly and brings moments of joy!

Thank you for taking part of our mission to preserve the Earth as best as we can!