Coors Light CHILLOLLIPOP Beer Lollipops for March Madness

It was fun collaborating with Coors Light on ChillOLLIPOP beer flavored lollipops for March Madness. The idea is that lollipops have a calming effect during one of the stressful times.

Coors Light ChillOLLIPOP beer lollipops

We, Sparko Sweets, specially formulated the Coors Light ChillOLLIPOP to be closely match Coors Light's unique beer flavor.

The look of the custom lollipop is inspired by a beer bottle with foam on the top. 

The package is inspired by a 6-pack of beer:

Coors Light ChillOLLIPOP Beer Lollipop 6-pack Packaging

It was nice seeing Jimmy Fallon joke about it on The Tonight Show:

It was great seeing the Coors Light ChillOLLIPOP launch on KCAL news this morning:


The custom beer lollipops are only available for 3 weeks and it is sold out on the first day. 

The project was completed in less than a month. Our team worked hard with Mischief to coordinate packaging, production, marketing, and logistics in a short time frame. 

We are thankful for this opportunity and we look forward to working on more custom lollipop projects that make an impact.