Coors Light CHILLOLLIPOP Beer Lollipops for March Madness

Coors Light ChillOLLIPOP beer lollipops


At Sparko Sweets, we dedicated ourselves to developing a lollipop that perfectly replicated the taste of Coors Light beer. The ChillOLLIPOP's appearance was also inspired by a beer bottle with foam on the top, making it a perfect complement to the drink.

Coors Light ChillOLLIPOP Beer Lollipop 6-pack Packaging

We're grateful for the opportunity to work on such an impactful project and we're excited about what the future holds for Sparko Sweets and our custom lollipop endeavors.

Our team worked hard to coordinate packaging, production, marketing, and logistics in less than a month, and we couldn't be prouder of the results. Even Jimmy Fallon got in on the fun, cracking a joke about our product!


We were thrilled to see the ChillOLLIPOP featured on KCAL news after its launch. The custom beer lollipops were so popular that they sold out on the very first day. We've been working tirelessly to keep up with demand and produce more lollipops every day.


It was an exhilarating experience to wake up in the morning and lay eyes on the ChillOLLIPOP lollipops. Collaborating with Coors Light during March Madness was a lot of fun. Our goal was to create a product that could alleviate stress during this high-pressure time, and lollipops were the perfect solution.

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