The Weeknd "After Hours" Multicolored Frog Custom Lollipops

In a vibrant fusion of music and confectionery artistry, Sparko Sweets was thrilled when The Weeknd reached out to partner on a unique line of custom-shaped lollipops celebrating the release of his album "After Hours." This collaboration showcases Sparko Sweets' innovative capabilities in candy manufacturing, while paying homage to the distinct aesthetic of The Weeknd's latest project.

The Inspiration
The collaboration kicked off with The Weeknd's team contacting Sparko Sweets, eager to brainstorm ideas that could encapsulate the essence of "After Hours" in a candy form. The session was alive with possibilities, focusing on how to best represent the album's unique vibe. The creative synergy led to the decision to produce two frog designs: one featuring a burst of multiple colors, and the other in a sleek, pure green—both as vibrant and enigmatic as the album itself.
Crafting the Candy
The challenge was not just to craft a new shape, but also to innovate a method for incorporating three colors into the multi-colored frog lollipop, ensuring each was visually striking and uniquely flavorful. The resulting custom-shaped lollipops were not just confections, but pieces of edible art.


Flavor and Size
Diversity continued into the flavors and sizes. Sparko Sweets developed two sizes: a standard and an extra-large, which both managed to exude charm and personality. Upon finalizing the flavors, sample lollipops were swiftly sent overnight to The Weeknd's team for approval, a testament to Sparko Sweets’ commitment to quality and client collaboration.

THE WEEKND Frog Lollipops

Signature Packaging
Understanding the importance of presentation, The Weeknd's team opted for high-quality, custom-designed packaging that complemented the sophisticated artwork of "After Hours." Sparko Sweets facilitated this vision, proving their versatility not only in candy creation but in crafting an entire unboxing experience that resonates with fans and collectors alike.
The Weeknd AFTERHOURS frog lollipops by Sparko Sweets
From Concept to Reality
The entire process, from concept to launch, spanned just 1.5 months—a testament to Sparko Sweets’ efficiency and dedication to bringing creative visions to life. The "After Hours" lollipops represent more than just a treat; they are a celebration of artistic collaboration.

THE WEEKND AFTER HOURS Custom Lollipops by Sparko Sweets

THE WEEKND AFTER HOURS Custom Lollipops by Sparko Sweets
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