The Weeknd AFTERHOURS Multicolored Frog Custom Lollipops

The Weeknd AFTERHOURS frog lollipops by Sparko Sweets

Sparko Sweets created custom shaped lollipops for THE WEEKND AFTER HOURS album release. We'd like to take you on this amazing journey and show you an example of our custom lollipop manufacturing capabilities.

The Call

We were contacted by THE WEEKND team to brainstorm on custom lollipop shape ideas. We talked about what can and cannot be done to make the lollipop truly stand out and be unique, just like THE WEEKND's music. We decided to confirm on two frog designs. One frog would be with multi-colors and the other pure green.

Custom Shape Multi-Colored Frog Lollipop

After completing the unique frog shape for THE WEEKND AFTER HOURS album project, we needed to innovate a new process for incorporating three colors into a single frog to make the custom lollipops visually unique.



Flavors and Size

Next, we need to confirm what flavors and sizes we needed to create. We made 2 sizes, one normal sized and one huge sized. Both frogs looked very cute. We also included custom flavor lollipop samples. We overnighted the samples for approval.

THE WEEKND Frog Lollipops


THE WEEKND team wants to have high-quality custom made packaging. They had their design team create a beautiful artwork, and we made the packaging for them. We can also have our design team create custom packaging for lollipops as well.

Product is Live

From start to finish, it took us 1.5 months to launch this completely new lollipop concept from scratch.

THE WEEKND AFTER HOURS Custom Lollipops by Sparko Sweets

THE WEEKND AFTER HOURS Custom Lollipops by Sparko Sweets

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